Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What special benefits could my students gain from visiting this site?

There are many benefits for my students to visit a Nature Center like this one. Visitors obtain a sense of appreciation for nature once they walk in. Students will be surrounded by bustling animal and plant life. The nature center believes that "through education, citizen involvement opportunities, habitat restoration....the community cultivates a sense of respect, understanding and stewardship for the natural world." At the beginning of the trails students will receive a pamphlet of animals and plants that they will be expected to see. By touring the El Dorado Nature Center they will gain knowledge of a large variety of habitats: oak woodlands, forest, coastal sage-scrub, grassland, chaparral. In addition, there are several different aquatic habitats: two large ponds, a stream connecting them, plus their fringing wetlands.


  1. Students can gain a great appreciation for the environment through visiting this nature center. I am truely enamored in the belief of the nature center. It is true that, through education, there can be a greater understanding and gratitude for all living things.

  2. I believe that visiting centers like this one will definitely help students gain an appreciation for nature. By students experiencing nature will allow them to see the importance of it, and hopefully begin to take care of it. I love the photographs you posted!!